Annual Holiday Dinner 2013

A few photos from our annual holiday dinner.

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Bongo Live receives grant from TANZICT/COSTECH

Bongo Live recently received a grant from TANZICT/COSTECH to expand its platform and services. Here are pictures from today’s award ceremony with the Tanzanian Minister of Science, Communications & Technology.

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Bongo Live at Mobile World Congress 2013

Bongo Live representatives will be attending mobile world congress this year in Barcelona, Spain. Mobile World congress features CEO and industry visionaries from around the world, the four day conference will highlight the impact of mobile phones in lives of individuals and businesses in developed and developing market across the range of industries The attendees will learn about recent development on technology, market opportunities, next-generation services, and devices which are shaping mobile communications. Read more here about the mobile world congress here

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New Custom SMS Reminders

The Bongo Live team has been working hard to develop new features for our sms service that makes it easier for businesses and individuals alike to stay in touch with customers.

We’re proud to introduce Custom Reminders which let you personalize your reminder SMS’ however you want.

The Custom Reminders include features that let you select how often you want your SMS to be sent (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) and when and how long should the reminders run for based on your requirements. You can also select particular days of the week, particular days of the month for the reminders.

The Custom Reminders are sophisticated yet easy to use. You can set reminders based on information or dates that exist in your address book or you can upload files with dates that you’d like to use.

This new feature is ideal for weekly marketing reminders, banking services, follow ups, birthday greetings and so on.

To access this new feature. You’ll see a ‘Custom Reminders’ link under ‘Schedule SMS’  when you type your message for all (Quick, Group and File SMS). Once you click on the link the pop-up menu will then guide you on how to set your customized reminders.

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Taha Jiwaji chats with How We Made It In Africa

Taha Jiwaji Bongo Live founder chats with How we Made It in Africa on how to start a pioneering business from the ground up in Africa.
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Holiday Dinner

Some pictures from the Bongo Live holiday dinner,  just before Christmas.

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A Look Back at 2012

Its the end of 2012 and as has become customary we take some time to review what we’ve been able to achieve. We’ve grown many fold from our first year of operations in 2011 and over the last year more than 125 companies and individuals across multiple industries have used our services.

We’ve continued to innovate and develop new and complimentary products for our customers. We’ve created new plugins to bring Bongo Live’s sms messaging to the Microsoft Dynamics, WordPress, Drupal and Blogger platforms. These plugins make it easier for apps on these platforms to integrate with Bongo Live and send sms. Importantly, all of these except the Microsoft plugin are free and only charges per sms message. We’ve also improved our platform significantly by making it easier to use and added a range of new features. We’re particularly proud of our new mobile site that now boasts the ability to broadcast sms right from a users smartphone.

Probably the biggest recognition of our efforts came early on in 2012 when Forbes Africa ranked us among the Top 20 Technology startups in Africa. This was a great testament to our focus on making mobile and sms technology reachable to ordinary SMEs and individuals in Tanzania.  Bongo Live also presented at the Mobile Web East Africa conference Later in the year Bongo Live was also featured on Al-Jazeera, BBC Africa and 102.6 Choice FM to discuss technology development in Africa as well as Bongo Live’s services.

Bongo Live maintained our annual support for the Aga Khan Breast Cancer Awareness campaign and also sponsored the 2nd Dar Fashion Festival.

We hope to continue developing innovative new mobile products using our existing strength in sms technology whilst also exploring new apps on the Android platform. We recently received our National Application Services license from the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) which will enable us to explore premium sms,  USSD and mobile money services with local mobile operators. We will also continue expanding our existing messaging platform to enable more features and make it easier for our customers to broadcast sms.

Bongo Live! would like to thank all our customers for their support during 2012. We wish you a happy and prosperous new year!

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Bongo Live receives TCRA National application services license

Bongo Live founder and director Taha Jiwaji receives the National Application Services License from the Director General of the TCRA.

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Bongo Live on Al-Jazeera’s The Stream

Photo: Taha Jiwaji CEO - Bongo Live will be discussing Tech Africa and Tanzania on Al-Jazeera's The Stream today 1930GMT tune in.

Al-Jazeera’s show ‘The Stream’ recently did a story on technology innovation in Africa and the challenges being faced by startups. Bongo Live founder – Taha Jiwaji was asked to provide a perspective.

From Al-Jazeera: “African tech startups are giving some hope that a tech boom could generate greater prosperity for the continent. But how much of it is hype, and what is holding the industry back? We’ll discuss the challenges startups face and how new African technologies are driving social change.”

View the story on Al-Jazeera.

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Bongo Live on 102.6 Choice FM

Bongo Live founder Taha Jiwaji will be interviewed on air tomorrow on Choice FM between 10am – Noon (EAT). Listen to the show to learn more about how Bongo Live got started, grew and its acheivements to date. Taha will also discuss some of the challenges that young businesses face and give a picture of the overall technology space in Tanzania. You will offcourse also learn how your business can use our services to improve your marketing and sales.

Listen to the show live on 102.6 Choice FM in Tanzania or stream it here.

Want to find out more about how we can improve your business? Learn more at the pages below or contact us.

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